Private Transactions & Liquidity

Brokerage services for individual securities transactions and capital raising for companies.


EquityZen is a technology platform for companies and their shareholders to manage and access liquidity

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Forge provides liquidity solutions and services for the entire private market ecosystem -companies, founders, shareholders, and investors - through technology, data, and extensive expertise.

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NPM and its partners are revolutionizing the trading experience in private company stock. Backed by years of experience and supported by innovative technology, all qualified participants, from employees to institutions, are able to transact together in one marketplace.

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Simetria provides liquidity solutions for private companies, funds and private markets. Simetria allows the secondary processes to be coherent, easy & compliant and gives you full control of your equity.

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Stout One of the largest independent valuation practices in the US, with 23 offices worldwide, we bring deep and specialized valuation expertise across a broad spectrum of industries.

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Texture Capital

Texture Capital operates a technology-driven marketplace for investors to more efficiently and directly participate in private markets. We leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to streamline the current market structure for private placements.

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One platform with unmatched technology
to manage your ownership data.