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Apollonian has pioneered a versatile approach towards analysing companies and portfolios with high levels of intangible assets. Building on a proprietary multi-model approach Apollonian provides a turnkey solution globally for both companies seeking to attract capital, mitigate risks and boost growth as well as for investors to improve their deal flow management, due diligence processes, portfolio performance tracking, NAV-calculation and exit preparations.

  • Streamlined and efficient due diligence with the highest level of transparency in the market.
  • Fair value Assessment combining asset-, earnings-, cost-and market-based methodologies verified by experts
  • Superior risk analysis that includes both survival risks and risks associated with growth-driving assets.
  • Improved investment management through continuous performance tracking and KPIs ensuring prudent deployment of capital.
  • Boost deal flow quality through cost effective screening of large quantities of companies.
  • Company size – and sector agnostic tool in compliance with IFRS9, IAS36,IAS38, IPEV and IRS 409a providing the most accurate data possible for investment decision-makers.

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