Relying on Experts: Why 5G Startup Movandi Moved to Astrella for Cap Table and Equity Management

Equity management isn’t just about plugging away at a spreadsheet. It’s critical to structure data and documents so that your team can readily access and gain insights from your records, and employees and shareholders receive accurate information. 

Movandi, a 5G hardware and infrastructure developer, learned this all too well when they adopted an equity platform, a popular cap table and equity management tool. However, they learned quickly that they needed access to experts, strong support, and a platform that could fit not only their needs but also their investors’ needs. That’s why they turned to Astrella. 

The Customer Experience Must Always Be Right

No matter the industry, the product, or the company, finance and equity management are an ever-present part of doing business. Farial Khan, Equity Administrator for Movandi, explained that they chose their current equity platform due to name recognition and popularity. But the Movandi financial team soon started running into challenges with support and ensuring their data was accurately stored. 

“We were going through an audit, overwhelmed, and our current solution wasn’t set up properly. The lack of customer service really bothered my boss, so we started looking around at other platforms and found Astrella.”

Furthermore, when the company reached out to their provider for support on how to configure the platform, Movandi found that there was an expertise gap between what the company had to do and the support they could provide. The company needed help understanding how to implement their stock ownership options, including assisting with delineating different stock types. They found that their current solution provider simply wasn’t equipped to help them at their needed level. 

When Movandi had previously migrated to their original equity platform, they had questions about certain awards and whether they were being handled accurately. Namely, their data wasn’t as structured or organized as they needed—and the support they required to get everything as it should be just wasn’t there.

Migrating to Astrella

One of the most important features that Astrella provided Movandi from the perspective of day-to-day equity management was the sense of responsive control. Because the data in their current database was inaccurate, it was decided to go back to their source documents to ensure the cap table and employee stock plan data were accurate.

Astrella provided the white-glove service that Movandi needed to disentangle their equity data from older databases. From there, Astrella imported Movandi’s data into the platform so that their ownership structure remained accurate, and the underlying cloud system was much better prepared for accurate and fast processing. 

“It was easy because Astrella offered help,” says the Equity Administrator. “They implemented all the data for us. We had a lot of data to transfer, and whenever we had an issue, we had a meeting with them, and they were able to correct it. 

“We modeled our current cap table from our previous provider, and Astrella was able to change their own to meet that model. We liked their versatility.” 

Work with Expert Attention to Detail with Astrella

According to the Equity Administrator, whenever the company had a specialized request for report formatting or presentation, Astrella would respond quickly. This kind of hands-on and always-available support has sold Movandi on the Astrella platform. In the middle of the conversion, the company made some modifications to their awards, and Certified Equity Professionals (CEP) at Astrella provided not only support to adjust the data, but they were also able to give general guidance on how to approach the modifications.

Most importantly, Movandi has a provider they can trust to help them manage critical business operations that fuel growth, accountability, and support for their employees.