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Economic Partners

Economics Partners is the top provider of 409A valuation reports in the country for good reason, we are the best.  Other options may be too expensive on one end of the spectrum, or too cheap and not truly compliant on the other end.  For 409A valuation reports, we are the perfect combination of quality at a great value.

  • 409A and other tax compliance valuation reports
    • Fully compliant fair market value business and security valuation reports to comply with tax requirements like IRC 409A or Revenue Procedure 93-27 as further clarified in 2001-43 for LLCs issuing Profits Interests
  • Fairness Opinions
  • ASC 805 –Business Combination valuations and other financial reporting valuations
    • AICPA compliant valuations needed for ASC requirements like ASC 805, ASC 820, ASC 350/360, ASC 718


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Charles Keepman
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Trent Read
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(925) 817-7985 cell

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