Tapestry is now Employee Owned

30 September 2020

We are delighted to let you know that Tapestry Compliance is now employee-owned. Today we transferred all the shares in Tapestry to an Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”) which will hold the shares on behalf of all the employees.  We wanted to give our employees the opportunity that our clients give to their employees, the opportunity to have a stake in the business, as well as to shape the future of the firm going forward.

Whilst we will remain as advisors to the Board and also Trustees of the EOT, it’s the team that are the owners of the business. As such, they will be even more committed to providing excellent service.

We feel this is an exciting time for the firm. After founding Tapestry 9 years ago, we wanted to ensure that there was a plan in place for the future of the business and Employee Ownership is what we do!

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