Private Equity Firms

Astrella for Private Equity Firms

Manage your portfolio companies and exit scenarios all within a single platform

Astrella is a cloud-based platform built on private blockchain technology and powered by AI and predictive analytics. Our multi-company platform offers a comprehensive and immutable way to manage, track, and report equity ownership across your portfolio.  Using our proprietary technology, users can manage changes in ownership and allow for robust exit and next-round modeling.

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The powerful solution for all your portfolio ownership management needs

Astrella supports your need to keep your ownership up to date, accessible and accurate. With our proprietary technology, you can track changes with the platform automatically and have easy access to your entire portfolio for reporting and modeling purposes.

Manage sophisticated deals with multi-class capital structures, maintain accurate cross-portfolio cap tables, eliminate disparate technologies and no longer rely on risky spreadsheets.

The first AI and private blockchain powered solution that enables rapid and accurate analysis of complex cap tables with multi-class capital structures. We save you time, money, and guesswork.


Robust Reporting Capabilities
Cross-Portfolio Cap Table Management. Single Source for Due Diligence, Valuations, and Ownership Intelligence.
Management Incentive Plan Tracking
Sophisticated Exit Modeling At Your Fingertips
Scenario and Next-round modeling as well as IRR Backsolve and detailed exit scenarios.
Document Depository
Immutable Audit Trail

The most advanced AI-powered platform specifically designed for private companies and investors

The Astrella platform utilizes artificial intelligence and private
blockchain technology to change the way private equity firms manage their cap tables.

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