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Accurate Stock Plan Management from Astrella.

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Feeling the Pain of Stock Plan Management

To attract and keep top talent, you need to provide the most attractive equity package you can. But it isn’t easy, and attempting to use slow or manual tools can make these plans that much harder to understand for your employees. That calls for a stock plan management solution that can serve you, and them, transparently and accurately.

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ASC 718 Alignment

ASC 718 is a critical part of accounting for the value of stock options awarded to employees. This method allows companies to record and report employee compensation from their benefits packages. Astrella will help you assess the fair value of these packages, record compensation in your books as such, and accurately report these expenses to the IRS as a streamlined part of your cap table management solutions.
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Streamlined Administration as a Dispute Solution

Misunderstandings and errors can occur in any stock plan management solution. However, these errors can lead to significant disputes between what an employee or investor thinks they have vested in a company and what is really there. With our blockchain ledger, AI-driven automation tools, and secure document vault, all transactions, agreements, and contracts are recorded and secured accurately, ready for any review or audit.
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Employee Access and Trust

With Astrella, you can provide accurate, up-to-date information about employee stock plans to employees at any time. This is a huge boost for HR departments fielding benefits questions and shows these employees that you are invested in their success as much as they are.
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Configurability for Small and Large Companies

Stock plan management is a concern for businesses, small and large. With Astrella, you can adopt effective management practices with a solution that can grow with your company. Regardless of whether you’re a startup getting your first round of funding or a large enterprise near the end of your ownership journey, Astrella can support you every step of the way.

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