"The Democratization of the Private Market" by AST Private Company Solutions, Inc. President Carine Schneider



Traditionally buying and selling stock in Private Companies has been quite difficult. With huge names like Facebook, Uber and RobinHood, all having begun as Private Companies it is easy to see why investors would like to have access to other potential world shakers following the same path. The good news is that new technologies like the blockchain, digital securities and other decentralized financial solutions is opening the market up both to investors and winning the attention of those who would like to step in and regulate this close to wide open space. The good news is, thanks to publishing house The Light Network, a new book exploring all areas of this new financial reality, “The Democratization of the Private Market” by author and expert in the space Carine Schneider is now available. The interest in the book is high and rising.

“Having worked in Silicon Valley my entire career, it was clear that the early days of the private market are behind us and that things are rapidly changing,” commented Schneider, clearly passionate about the subject. “More and more companies are being created to service and support the private market ecosystem and to create structure where traditionally there has been very little.

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