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Wealthramp is a no-employer cost financial wellness benefit that helps founders and employees find expert equity-focused financial advice, empowering everyone on your team to make smart financial decisions.

Wealthramp provides a fast, simple way to get access to best fit, unbiased and personalized financial advice.  Our nationwide network of vetted independent advisors has been hand selected by us based on a number of attributes, including their experience, education, regulatory history, and client service.  With Wealthramp, it’s easy to find the right fiduciary advisor to meet your unique needs –whether it’s helping you understand your stock options and RSUs, making a decision about when and how many shares to exercise, general financial planning or managing your investments.  All of the advisors in our network independent are fiduciaries, and work on a fee-only basis.

Wealthramp can provide the financial education your employees need to better understand and appreciate their stock-based compensation, including complex stock options and RSUs.  Our founder and CEO, Pam Krueger, is an award-winning financial educator.  As creator and co-host of the Money Trackseries on PBS, Pam has taught millions of viewers how to be better custodians of their wealth.  We work with our nationwide network of independent, fiduciary financial advisors to bring expert advice typically offered only to the C-suite to all employees.  Through on-site workshops, videos, and our allianceship with Kiplingers Personal Finance, we can design a program that meets the unique needs of your company’s workforce.

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