Expert White-Glove Support to Manage Both Your Equity and Financial Health

There’s a lot of complex challenges when managing your cap table and equity. With the experts at Astrella, these challenges become a lot easier to work with

Stay Focused on Your Business and Let Astrella Handle Financial Records

When it comes to finances and funding, businesses from startup to enterprise want ways to make their money work for them. With an equity management platform like Astrella, you can combine machine learning, automation, and immutable audit trails to handle the day-to-day while you use predictive insights to drive your business goals.  

Accordingly, Astrella helps support financial functions like:

  • Equity Management
  • Financial Planning
  • IPO Planning
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reporting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Equity-Based Compensation Management
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Expert, White-Glove Support for Both Platform and Financial Health

There’s a lot of complexity that goes into financial cloud solutions, not least of which is how to manage the changing landscape of your company’s equity and valuation. With the experts at Astrella, you can count on both the technical support to use and adapt Astrella to your unique business needs and the financial support that helps you make the best possible decisions based on your future plans.

Reporting and Compliance

A robust cap table solution will positively impact processes related to 409A valuations and ASC 718 by streamlining finance equity management, which is essential for both of these financial and regulatory requirements. Astrella makes accuracy in reporting and auditing part of all operations from the start. 

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