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Support your HR, legal, and financial departments with Astrella’s equity management platform

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Astrella for Human Resources

Stock options and equity management are a critical part of human resources, where employee benefits are tied to accurate financial records and agreement documents. Astrella helps companies and their HR departments keep track of employee benefit packages and, when necessary, answer questions regarding managing employee equity plans.

Astrella for Financial Modeling and Management

Stock valuation, scenario modeling, predictive analytics … modern businesses are turning to advanced tools to manage equity and, whenever possible, make it work for them. This means using automated tools like predictive analytics, waterfall modeling capabilities, and automated compliance and documentation support. See how Astrella brings these features, and more, to your organization.

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Astrella for Legal and Compliance

Private businesses have tax and reporting requirements for their equity. Public businesses have regulatory requirements surrounding transparency, security, and accountability. And, finally, private businesses seeking their IPO have months of documentation and financial reporting in place before they even complete their application. In any of these cases, a solid and robust equity management platform like Astrella is necessary to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. 

Serve Your Financial Clients with Your Branding, with Astrella White Label Services

If you provide financial services, equity management, or financial legal support for clients, you’ll probably want to have a reliable platform in place to do so. With Astrella white label services, you can provide such a platform using your branding and logos, customized to the needs of your customer base and backed by Astrella’s expert support.

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