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Equity Management for HR Professionals.

Managing and communicating employee equity plans to incent and retain employees worldwide

Customized Solutions for Your Employees

If your company provides equity-based compensation to employees, then your HR department will probably have to field some questions about those packages. With Astrella, you can provide your HR professionals with the support they need to answer those questions. Astrella provides HR stock plan administration services to help you provide up-to-the-minute information about equity grants, vesting schedules, and settlement.  

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Support an Informed Workplace with HR and Benefits Support

Employees expect more than an equity award—they expect to understand what they have received and when it will vest. Stock valuation, ownership percentages … these are all questions that HR should be prepared to answer. Astrella provides bespoke HR cap table management tools that allow your employees to manage their benefits in self-serve environment. Employees can review their holdings, check-in on vesting schedules, access any documents they have signed, and model the potential value of their awards.

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