Equity Management.

AI- and Immutable Audit Trail-Driven Equity Management for Law Firms, Startups, and Portfolio Managers

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Equity Management for Startups

Attracting talent, securing investments, meeting reporting, and regulatory responsibilities rely on accurate reporting—a critical function for startups wanting to make it past Series A funding. Astrella provides the tools and white-glove service to support our clients from startup to wherever their ownership journeys may take them.

Equity Management for Law Firms

Whether providing financial or regulatory services for clients or managing their own employee stock plans, law firms are intimately tied to managing equity accurately and within the bounds of compliance standards and regulations. Astrella’s immutable audit trails and automated workflows make these firms a force of growth for themselves and their clients.

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Equity and Cap Tables for Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers often handle multiple clients across several industries, each with their own expectations and requirements. These managers must rely on a platform that gives them complete control over documentation, reporting, and cap table management. That platform is Astrella.