Use Cases

Open Platform Partner Network:

Astrella provides open access to a network of “best of breed” financial services and advisory platforms and organizations for private companies– including 409A valuation providers, liquidity providers,  lenders, and financial and legal advisors.  The platform will evolve with the growth and needs our customer network and the every changing market dynamics.  With Astrella, we support seamless interactions with your providers of choice.

Company Owners (Employees/Administrators):

We’re easy-to-use and we’re tracking your shares in an intuitive and accessible system built with the market, for the market. When your CEO or Board or employees needs updated stock ownership information easily accessible on their mobile phone using the Astrella app.

Law Firms:

Now you can manage your client companies on a tool that is designed for companies worldwide with the flexibility and ease of use you require to manage multiple companies at any one time with the comfort that you can see the genealogy of share over the history of the company.  Data privacy and related concerns are mitigated with AST’s history of managing and protecting clients data.

Private Equity Firms:

Now you can manage all of your portfolio in one place, run cap table analysis on demand through a single interface and significantly reduce the time you spend managing the ownership analysis of each company.

Future look:

And we’re just getting starting.  Already on our product road map includes predictive analytics, extensive use of AI, growing our API partner network and other ways to make more use of the data and reporting capabilities.