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The Services You Need, from Startup to Exit

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Immutable Audit Trail Ledgers

Our platform is supported through private immutable audit trails, which means that your important audit and transaction records are secure and immutable.

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Machine Learning and AI

Make your financial data work for you. With predictive analytics, modeling technologies, and automated workflows, you can ensure that your information is giving you real insights you can use to drive business decision-making. This includes our extensive tool set, purpose-built to help private companies prepare for their IPO.
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White-Glove Service

Most importantly, Astrella is composed of some of the brightest and most experienced minds in finance. As an associated company of AST (now Equiniti), we provide our clients not only with technical support within the Astrella platform, but with financial consulting and support related to the platform and the client’s overall goals.
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Astrella Cap Table Management

Managing your cap table is one of the fundamental processes of handling equity and ownership. With Astrella, you get a fully automated and customizable cap table system that can adjust to fit the needs of your finance department, and not the other way around.
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Astrella for Financial Modeling and Management

Monitoring stock valuation and compensation are significant jobs, ones prone to error if they aren’t managed with the proper tools. You can count on Astrella’s cloud-based stock plan management to ensure that you’re always in line with reporting requirements, specifically ASC-718.
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Offload Boardroom Notes with AI

Maintaining the minutes and notes from board meetings is a regulatory requirement—and, unfortunately, one that has been traditionally done with pen and paper or someone typing into a document. With Astrella BoardNotes, you can automate your boardroom notetaking through audio recording and transcription, meaning that you have accurate notes that maintain compliance, without all the manual effort.
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Employee Stock Management Software

If your company provides equity-based compensation to employees, then your HR department will probably have to field some questions about those packages. With Astrella, you can provide your HR professionals with the support they need to answer those questions. Astrella provides a stock option management software to help you manage up-to-the-minute information about equity grants, vesting schedules, and settlement.