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A Guide to Private Equity

A capitalization table, or cap table, is necessary for any startup or business as it helps to organize and display the company’s equity ownership. It also helps track things like convertible securities, stock options, and stock compensation grants. Ensuring your cap table is well-maintained, organized, and clearly defined will accurately represent the company’s current market…

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What Do Investors Look For in a Cap Table?

As an investor, you want to know what you’re getting yourself into. The best place to start is with the prospective company’s cap table.  A cap table is essentially a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet offers investors a quick glance into which shareholders own what, how much, and the best place for you to jump in. That…

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What is a Fully Diluted Cap Table?

A cap table is an abbreviation for a capitalization table. A capitalization table in many cases is private information to a company that shows its ownership shares, investment, and market value. The spreadsheet breaks down the company’s equity ownership capital information which includes:  Common equity shares Preferred equity shares Warrants Convertible equity  A cap table…

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Angel Investor vs. Venture Capital: Which One Is Right For You?

When it comes to investing in a company, there are various types of equity investors, and understanding what each means is better for your business. It not only helps you determine which type of investor you want to pursue but also how to best pitch your business model in order to gain their interest. In…

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Top 5 Cap Table Management Tips For Business Owners

A capitalization table, or cap table, is essential for businesses, showing equity ownership capitalization and information that is necessary for financial decision-making. Given the information included, cap tables require excellent management to ensure it’s all an accurate portrayal of your company’s overall capital structure for growth and potential future investors. At Astrella, we’ve made it…

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AST Private Company Solutions Seals Alliance & Integration with Rialto Markets

Menlo Park, CA and New York, NY—February 09, 2023— AST Private Company Solutions, Inc. (AST PCS) and Rialto Markets LLC announce a new strategic alliance to provide primary market issuance capabilities and to facilitate a marketplace for investors to monetize their investments integrating Rialto Markets’ Alternative Trading System with AST PCS’s Astrella® platform. Astrella was developed…

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What is Cap Table Restructuring?

A capitalization table, or cap table for short, is excellent for businesses to track investors and equity ownership, employee stock option plans, displaying the percentage of ownership of various shareholders, and more. While cap tables are extremely useful for businesses, they can also become overly complicated, especially for larger organizations. A cap table that is…

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How Cap Table Planning Can Benefit Your Startup

If you have recently launched a company or are in the early stages of developing one, you have probably heard of a cap table, or capitalization table, and wondered whether it is necessary for your startup. Startups commonly use cap tables to display their total ownership capitalization or equity capitalization. The intricacy of a startup’s…

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5 Ways to Professionally Manage Your Financial Assets

Your business is growing—that’s great news! It also means it’s time to triple-check that you’re protecting your assets and managing your finances in a scalable way. Here’s how. By Deanna Ritchie This story originally appeared on Due Your business is growing—that’s great news! It also means it’s time to triple-check that you’re protecting your assets and managing…

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Why Do Companies Need a Cap Table?

Businesses are mushrooming daily, and some do not possess the professional intelligence required to maintain them. Cap tables are essential to any company, whether big or small. Companies go through various transitions that are key to their development. Maintaining well-organized documents such as a cap table is necessary for the overall function and easy understanding…

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