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Cap Table Management
for Law Firms.

Automate tasks and support cap tables and employee stock plans with Astrella

Keep Your Clients and Your Partners Informed and Compliant

If your firm manages ownership information for your clients, Astrella offers the best solution for your firm. 

Our immutable audit trail platform provides the advisor with the ability to track the genealogy of each share, saving you time and money at the time of an exit scenario and ensuring that all shareholders can access historical ownership and reduce the risk and questions attorneys often face. 

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Robust Equity Management for Client Service

Help your clients issue and manage equity or support them with advisory services through Astrella. With our automated and transparent platform, law firms can support their clients with their reporting and compliance needs.

Attract Top Talent with Excellent Equity Packages

Attracting top talent means having equity plans that talent can understand and track over their employment. Astrella provides a robust platform that makes navigating documents and cap tables easy and intuitive, with automated tools that you, as an advisor, and your clients can easily access. 

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What Are the Benefits of Working with Astrella?

Astrella is more than a cap table management solution. When you work with us, you can enjoy the following:

  • AI-driven automation and analytics
  • Customizable tables fitting any need
  • Secure document and record storage for all contracts and agreements
  • Immutable audit trail-supported ledgers
  • Expert, white-glove service

Talk with the Experts

One platform, one team with
unmatched expertise for your ownership data.

A Price Plan for Any Business.

Astrella provides pricing tiers and special discounts that support law firms of any size.