Law Firms

Astrella for Law Firms

More Than a Cap Table Solution

Are you looking for a Cap Table and employee stock plan solution that is simple, intuitive and robust?  Astrella is built using blockchain technology and designed by leading industry experts.  This powerful tool also leverages artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to help you automate tasks, minimize errors and increase efficiencies.

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Astrella can also help you:

  • Manage multiple client companies (LLCs & C-Corps) via Single-Sign-On
  • Create & Download Waterfall/Exit Modeling
  • Be Confident in your Next Round Modeling Analysis
  • Communicate efficiently with Shareholders via Mobile App or Browser
  • Send Documents using DocuSign™
  • And more!
Astrella provides the Best-in-Class Support, with offices in the United States, Europe and Israel.
If your clients are looking to exit or IPO, Astrella can simplify and streamline your client’s transition with the global transfer agent Equiniti (formerly AST).
Expect white glove support to help you manage your client’s cap tables and stock plans; from data conversion, to implementation, reconciliation and beyond.
Consider Astrella by Equiniti as a multi-company platform that can scale with your client companies.