Astrella™ is your trusted partner for real-time,
cloud-based, self-service management of private
company shareholder and employee stock plan
data through a blockchain-enabled platform.


Meet Astrella by AST

The newly developed SaaS platform with a growing list of partners, leverages the latest technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), private blockchain technology and workflow as a service (WaaS) to deliver the most compelling product the industry has seen in years. By effectively tracking the “genealogy of a share”, Astrella’s immutable ledger ensures complete transparency and control of your ownership records.   Astrella is developed by a team with deep experience in the private market and stock plan administration/financial reporting.

We implemented a cutting-edge blockchain-based platform to provide the necessary layer of transparency CFO’s, lawyers, and stock plan administrators desire. By building this technology from the ground up without the baggage of legacy programs, we provide a solution delivering 100% real-time  data in a flexible, intuitive format. When was the stock granted?  At what price was it sold?  Who purchased the stock and from what class?  All of these questions can now be answered in an automated and secure fashion that combines accuracy and ease of use.

We’ve Re-invented the Wheel!

AST Private Company Solutions Platform

Integrated Private Company Ecosystem – provided globally

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We know you have choices when it comes to managing your equity. But we offer the most comprehensive way to manage your stock plan, stay current with your cap table, handle your financial reporting and provide the right tools to your employees (and investors) via the Astrella App so they can go on and see their information and do some planning.