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Our cap table management software scales to any size company, anywhere in the world. Manage your private company shareholder and employee stock plan data in real-time with our private blockchain-enabled platform.

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First 25 visitors to Sign-up Get a FREE copy of “The Democratization of the Private Market”
by Astrella President Carine Schneider

“As an agile company backed by a large corporate, we have access to all resources to keep our innovation wheel rolling and stay at the forefront in helping private companies navigate the complex cap table management process.”

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First 25 visitors to Sign-up Get a FREE copy of “The Democratization of the Private Market”
by Astrella President Carine Schneider

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The Preparedness Quiz will not only challenge your business and financial acumen around a public exit for your business, but it will also provide you with some critical information about the minutia of the journey.

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First 25 visitors to Sign-up Get a FREE copy of “The Democratization of the Private Market”
by Astrella President Carine Schneider



“Finally! A book that demystifies the world of private markets. A must-read for investors and those in the private company world.”
- Richard A. Moran, author and former Venrock Partner


“We’re honored by the award and the recognition that we are the first in our industry to embrace blockchain technology and our ability to leverage the blockchain to track the genealogy of every share - and save customers time and money.”

- Steve Madeira
Head of Technology for AST Private Company Solutions, Inc

“We’re honored by the award and the recognition that we are the first in our industry to embrace blockchain technology and our ability to leverage the blockchain to track the genealogy of every share - and save customers time and money.”

- Steve Madeira

Head of Technology for AST Private Company Solutions, Inc
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The Best Cap Table Management Software

Built By Professionals & Trusted by Companies Worldwide

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One platform with unmatched technology to manage your ownership data.

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Cap Table Management

Stock administration, without the headaches.

Create your cap table in a matter of minutes with Astrella. Our easy-to-use software allows for quick setup to get you on the fast track to effective cap table management. Simply enter your ownership information for access to outstanding cap table management tools and support.

From detailed waterfall payouts and 409a valuation to rigorous vesting schedules and funding rounds, our cap table solution handles it all. Looking for something specific? Our support team is always available for questions to help manage your stock units effectively and within compliance standards. Contact our team to request your demo!

Secure Equity Transactions

Private blockchain technology for all security types.

Keep your ownership data and securities protected with Astrella. Our private blockchain technology offers immutable digital transaction recording. This advanced data distribution method provides startup founders, vested employees and other shareholders with easy access to their stock awards. With our blockchain solution, you can be sure that your cap table remains accurate and up to date. Want to learn more about our security features? See our features for more!

Predictive Cap Table Analytics

Smart AI integration for intelligent financial decisions.

Planning the financial future of your startup in its early days is no picnic. Using artificial intelligence, Astrella offers an outstanding cap table management platform that continuously learns and adapts to the needs of your startup. You will gain access to precise forecasts of future ownership actions and outcomes, providing the resources needed for companies to make informed financial decisions. Our predictive analytics opens the door for accurate short-term risk assessments as well as smart long-term goals. Not quite convinced? Check out our testimonials to see how our solution solves real-world problems for startups like yourself!


Cap Table Management

Manage and create cap tables with ease and precision using our cap table management software. Our solution leverages artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to automate the cumbersome task of administrative processes while preserving complete transparency and control. This intuitive system helps save time, so you can focus on the success and growth of your business.

Simple & Secure Setup

At Astrella, we keep cap table management simple. With our quick and easy setup, startup founders can have a clean cap table in no time. Simply sign up, enter your ownership data, and you'll have immediate startup equity management at your fingertips.

Employee Stock Plan Tracking

Including employee stock options has its benefits, but updating ownership data for a growing number of employees can get out of hand quickly. With our cap table management solution, you will have access to intuitive employee stock plan tracking. Issuing equity and establishing vesting schedules has never been easier!

Scenario Planning Tools

As a business owner, you want to think three steps ahead to determine the most profitable financial decisions. With our scenario planning tools, you can run expense simulations based on any situation, including financing rounds, exit scenarios and more.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

With robust reporting capabilities, you can promise the best investor experience. Our intelligent cap table management software provides an intuitive interpretation of your startup equity with detailed waterfall analysis and reporting.

Track the Genealogy of a Share

Keep track of the genealogy of your company's shares and stakeholders with real-time updates and an easy-to-use management system.

Secure Mobile App

Access your ownership data from anywhere using our secure and user-friendly mobile app. With our cap table management platform, you'll never lose touch with shareholders, financing rounds, profits interests or transactions.

Regulatory Compliant

With power comes great responsibility to uphold standard reporting and regulations. With our cap table management software, your cap table will be regularly audited to ensure compliance with 409a valuations and that it remains auditor-ready.

Globally Compliant Document Vault

Store all necessary documents and resources in a single, globally compliant document vault. Our cap table solution offers simple equity management for companies of all sizes and various currencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cap table, or capitalization table, is a formulaic sheet detailing the equity capitalization of a company. This table clarifies ownership percentages and equity value to inform smart financial strategies and decisions. A cap table includes your list of investors or owners, along with equity values such as stock options and both diluted and outstanding shares.
While typically used by private companies, any business with various shareholders or investors would greatly benefit from the use of an organized cap table to keep track of ownership, equity, and assets.
While creating a cap table by hand might be tempting, this important financial resource can be a hassle to keep up-to-date and organized. A cap table management software can make tracking financing rounds, revising ownership, and managing company equity a breeze.
As a startup with a bright and promising financial future, you want investors to see the potential in your company. Many startup owners may opt to create cap tables by hand and update them manually in an attempt to cut corners. Using a basic Excel sheet for your cap table might seem easy at first. However, this can become overwhelming as more stakeholders and investors are introduced, and assets grow. With cap table management software, you can ensure your visions as a CEO and company’s potential for growth are reflected accurately, with little effort on your part.
It may be tempting for a new business owner to create your first cap table using a familiar Excel or Google Sheets program. However, these programs lack the simple setup, management tools, reporting capabilities, and security your startup needs. As your company evolves, you’ll need a cap table software with the analytics, reporting tools, security, and projection capabilities that will grow along with it.
A cap table demonstrates your company’s priorities, projection, and potential for financial success. Investors looking to support businesses will look to your cap table to review asset distribution, several stakeholders, and long-term dedications. A cap table will encourage investment in your company by providing investors with detailed and up-to-date information that inspires confidence.
Yes! A 409a valuation is a legal requirement for all startup companies. This valuation determines your business’s fair market value (FMV) and the strike price of its stock options. If your company does not conform to IRC Section 409A, you can face severe penalties such as a 20% federal tax penalty. Our cap table software can ensure your company remains compliant with routine 409a valuations.
The easiest way to keep your cap table clean or organized is to leverage an effective cap table management system. Astrella offers simple and smart cap table creation and management services to help keep your company ownership data updated and secure.
Astrella offers an intuitive equity management software solution to meet the needs of any company, regardless of size or industry. We provide a range of subscription options, custom packages for larger enterprises, and attentive support specialists to assist with any questions. Visit our pricing options and request a free demo today!