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What Features Does Astrella Bring to Your Equity Management?

Stay Compliant, Transparent, and Secure with Powerful Equity Management from Astrella

Managing equity is the cost of doing business, but a cost that can turn into a profitable engine of growth for your company. The Astrella equity management platform helps companies, from startups to employee-owned organizations and publicly traded businesses, maintain the most accurate and trustworthy view of their equity. No matter where they are in their ownership journey, these companies trust Astrella to help them understand their value, prepare for their IPO, and utilize equity to attract top talent.

Astrella and Industry Use Cases

Legal requirements, tax reporting, talent acquisition … the truth is that equity management is a multi-industry concern. Whatever your business, industry, or customer base, how you manage stocks and equity will help determine how productive and profitable your journey is.

Fortunately, Astrella has got you covered.



Startups seeking funding need to have their equity in place. A lack of transparency or bottlenecks around financial reporting could lead potential investors to look elsewhere.
Astrella for Startups

Growth Companies

Security, compliance, and accuracy—for finance companies, these features are the lifeblood of their daily operations. Astrella provides critical features to support workflow automation, modeling and exit scenario tools, and secure document management for nearly any transaction a client can imagine.
Astrella for Growth Companies
Law Firms

Law Firms

Attracting talent, maintaining compliance … where would this be more important than legal firms? Astrella makes managing partner equity and ownership easy, maintaining critical documentation with our secure document vault and immutable blockchain technology.
Astrella for Law Firms

Resources to Get Started

The State Of Equity Report

The State of Equity Report

We conducted a survey of 151 business owners, equity managers, and executives to discover exactly what they are looking for in a cloud solution. Read the results.
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Read The Democratization of the Private Market

Carine Schneider (President, Astrella) has her eyes on the future of private investment—a future where a wider range of investors can participate in private investment and equity ownership. This book lays out the history of the market, the regulations, and industry sea changes that have changed that market, and what that means for investors today.

“Finally! A book that demystifies the world of private markets. A must-read for investors and those in the private company world.”

— Richard A. Moran
Author and Former Venrock Partner
Read the Book
Chalk Talk With Carine

Webinar: Chalk Talk with Key Market Players

In the most recent episode of our series on business ownership, finance, and strategy, Carine Schneider interviews Warren Packard (Operating Partner of AI Fund and Cofounder of Thuuz Sports) to discuss the shifting landscape of venture capital in Silicon Valley. This interview aired April 11 at 10 am PST.
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