Statement from Astrella by EQ, a Trusted Partner in Cap Table Management and Shareholder Services

In response to recent developments within the cap table management industry, Astrella by EQ, a prominent division of the globally-regulated organization EQ Private Company Solutions, Inc., feels compelled to reaffirm our principles and values. As a part of EQ, a private-equity-backed, established leader in this field, we uphold a distinctive approach to cap table management and shareholder record-keeping.

It is of utmost importance for us to emphasize that Astrella will never initiate communication with your stakeholders and shareholders. We consider the company itself as our primary client and are unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring your success.

Unlike certain practices prevalent in the market, EQ’s core philosophy revolves around cultivating enduring, transparent partnerships with our clients. We maintain an exclusive focus on the company, refraining from direct interactions or transactions with our clients’ stakeholders or shareholders. This approach underscores our unwavering commitment to ethical and client-centric business practices.

We recognize the critical role that clear and forthright communication plays within our industry. EQ’s mission, deeply rooted in our history with American Stock Transfer & Trust (AST) and Equiniti, is to guide companies through their entire lifecycle. This encompasses their journey from private to public markets, drawing on our over 100 years of experience in this domain.

Our recent collaboration with clients transitioning from LTSE Equity ( to Astrella exemplifies our dedication to providing seamless and supportive experiences for companies navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving market. We are cognizant of the challenges inherent in unit economics within our industry, particularly in a landscape characterized by high churn rates and demanding customer acquisition costs. Nonetheless, EQ remains resolute in delivering comprehensive solutions without compromising our ethical standards or the trust of our clients.

We understand the importance of adapting our services to meet the evolving needs of the market, all the while maintaining vigilance regarding the regulatory and operational intricacies involved in activities such as primary and secondary capital raising. Our primary focus is on our clients’ long-term success and growth, ensuring that we are partners in their journey, rather than mere service providers.

As we continue to expand our global presence, serving over 6,000 clients and catering to more than 30 million shareholders worldwide, our commitment to transparency, integrity, and client success remains steadfast. We extend an invitation to companies seeking a trustworthy and ethical partner in cap table management and shareholder services to consider Astrella by EQ for a future-focused collaboration.