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Cap Table, Stock Option and Modeling Software for Startups.

Start managing your ownership in a secure system from day one

An Equity Management Tool from Startup to Exit

Ownership, finance, and equity are concerns for the entire lifetime of a business. Astrella provides the cloud-based foundation that startups can count on. From their first rounds of finance to wherever the journey takes them, they trust Astrella’s equity management software to track every step along the way.

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Transparent and Accurate Equity Management with Immutable Audit Trails

Startups need to maintain accurate, transparent, and accessible equity records at all stages of their business. Employees with equity awards expect to understand their ownership potential, and investors expect a company to manage the changes in ownership accurately and completely. Astrella’s immutable audit trail cap table is private, secure, and immutable; meaning you can always trust your cap table and rely on historical information for years to come. 

Automated Workflows to Streamline Agreements

Proper equity management relies on accurate data and documentation. With Astrella, you can use our automated workflows to send agreements using DocuSign and store signed agreements in a secure document vault.

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Every growing startup is going to get several 409A valuations to determine their fair market value during financings or liquidity events. Our cap table software can ensure your company remains compliant through all of these milestones.

What Do Startups Get from Working with Astrella?

Startups are in a unique business position, one where funding, equity, and benefits can significantly impact success. Astrella’s equity management  solution supports startups no matter where they are in their funding and ownership journey with benefits, such as:

  • Providing accurate accounts of startup valuations and equity during critical funding rounds
  • Enabling more lucrative and transparent startup stock options that can attract top talent
  • Supporting proper recordkeeping for stockholders and regulators

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A Price Plan for Any Business.

Astrella provides pricing tiers that can fit companies of any size, from startups with two founders to large, high-growth unicorns. Our pricing packages are designed to grow with you as you require additional features and functionality.