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Powerful Cap Table Management
from Astrella.

Get a solution that works for you and your specific business needs

Get Away from Stone-Age Tools

According to our research, many CFOs and organizations are still using spreadsheets as an integral part of their equity management. Unfortunately, this lends itself to data entry errors, lost transactions, and a lot of frustration on the part of company leadership (not to mention stock-owning employees and auditors). Astrella gives our clients a way to completely leave spreadsheets and enter a world of streamlined workflows, automation, and accurate transaction and value records.

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Fast, Accurate Data Interaction

Astrella, as a cap table solution, primarily focuses on how our clients can readily access their equity information and know that it is accurate. Rather than relying on spreadsheets or simple web interfaces, Astrella clients can enter and retrieve information quickly—along with critical insights that can only come from powerful modeling tools.
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Immutable Audit Trails

Cap tables are the cornerstone of any review or audit, which means that it’s less than ideal if you cannot trust them to contain actual, accurate data about your equity ownership. With Astrella’s immutable audit trails, you can rest assured that any transaction, any change, or any agreement is recorded, authenticated, and immutably stored.
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Open Access and Collaboration

There are times when you’ll want to share table data with stakeholders, investors, or employees. With Astrella, this process is simplified with intuitive, secure controls that make collaboration that much easier.
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We understand that companies shouldn’t have to adjust their finances to their cap table solution. That’s why we can customize your Astrella instance to your needs. This can mean restructuring important storage requirements or changing key interface design elements to fit your unique configurations.

Who Benefits from Our Cap Table Management Software?



If you’re an early stage company, Astrella’s cap table management software ensures you manage your ownership securely from day one. Our cloud-based equity management software helps you track every step of your journey, from your first funding round forward.
Law Firms

Law Firms

Does your law firm manage ownership information for your clients? Keep clients and partners informed and compliant while you automate tasks and support your employee stock option plans with our cap table management software.

Portfolio Managers

Trying to manage a portfolio of companies and your ownership stake is complicated and can be prone to error. With Astrella, you can easily toggle between various portfolio companies and analyze ownership stake across your holdings.
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Human Resources

Easily manage and communicate employee equity plans to provide incentive and help retain employees from anywhere in the world. Give your HR department the support they need to answer questions regarding your company’s equity-based compensation to employees.
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Finance Departments

Let Astrella help support the financial functions for your business, from equity management and financial planning to portfolio management, equity-based compensation management, and more. Combine machine learning, automation, and immutable audit trails to handle the day-to-day while you utilize predictive insights to drive business goals.
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Legal Teams

Ensure your corporate legal department maintains accuracy and compliance while managing client data with Astrella. Create customized solutions for your clients with an immutable ledger powered by immutable audit trails and secure document vault. Astrella also helps maintain proper 409A valuation.

White Label Services​

Astrella is a provider of services to privately held companies and we can support your expansion by providing cap table and equity compensation administration with no major investment of your time or money. We can get your own branded platform up and running within just a matter of weeks.

Our Software Pricing Options

Let Astrella handle your most important equity and financial processes. We offer pricing options for every level of business, whether you’re an early stage company or small business or a large, private company or portfolio owner. For companies with over 100 stakeholders or those that own or manage multiple, private companies, special custom pricing packages are available.

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