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Equity Management for Corporate Legal Departments.

Maintain accuracy and compliance while managing your clients data

Customized Solutions for Your Clients

Businesses inevitably have reporting and documentation requirements—to their stakeholders, to their employees, or to the government. Astrella helps your client companies maintain accurate transaction records and agreement documentation so that, regardless of its regulations, reporting, or disclosure for funding, you have everything that you need. 

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Trust Recordkeeping with Our Immutable Audit Trails

It’s critical that a company has a secure way to ensure that their records—of equity ownership, of agreements, of transactions—are recorded and secured. That’s why Astrella has embedded immutable audit trails. With this immutable ledger, your organization can count on the fact that, as a baseline, all changes and transactions are traceable for reviews and audits.
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Maintain Secure Records with Our Document Vault

Don’t ever wonder what happened to a contract or form again. With Astrella’s secure document vault, your company can trust that any agreement or legal paperwork generated as part of your equity management process is stored safely in a protected, encrypted storage space.
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Follow 409A Valuation Requirements

A 409A valuation is a legal requirement under Section 409A of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code for private companies that issue stock compensation to their employees and investors. There are significant tax penalties for companies that do not maintain updated 409A valuation, particularly following important funding rounds. Astrella helps clients maintain proper valuation, so they never accidentally run against IRS requirements.

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