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Accurate, AI-Driven Boardroom Notes and Transcription

Feeling the Pain of Boardroom Meetings?

Taking boardroom minutes is a challenging—but legally required—part of any publicly owned business. Effectively capturing important information, keeping up with rapid-fire discussions, retaining language and terminology, maintaining neutrality, and ensuring confidentiality (and doing so without massive administrative overhead) are all critical parts of due diligence. It’s time that boardrooms move to a new, automated, fast, and trustworthy note system. That system is Astrella’s AI-driven BoardNotes.

Product Overview:

That BoardNotes is your solution for eliminating the overhead involved with taking regulation-compliant boardroom meetings.  With BoardNotes, you get an AI-driven platform that can:


Take accurate transcription automatically through voice-recognition software.


Maintain records of votes and approvals made during that meeting.

Minutes and Action Plans

Create minutes automatically with AI that can create streamlined action plans based on decisions.

Summaries and Action Plans

Use generated meeting summaries to effectively build follow-up strategies. 

Reduces Workload

Eliminate the hours of work it takes to plan for and follow up on board meetings.