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If you have employees in your company stock plan who are based overseas, then we can help you with your tax and legal compliance through our online applications. You can see if there are any special filings to do, whether you need to do withholding on exercise, and what the tax rates are. In fact, we have everything covered, all kept up to date and available online, 24/7.

  • All the tax rates you need – plus withholding information.
  • Participant tax guides – including rates for exercise and sale, and any legal information they might need.
  • A practical and commercial approach, so you understand the key issues.
  • We work with start-ups around the world.
  • Consulting advice available when required.
  • Updated through the global network of our legal partners CMS.
  • We offer a variety of ways to execute filings where they are required, to agreed budgets. 
  • Special offer for Astrella clients – 50% discount for first year’s subscription, just quote ASTRELLA50 when signing up.

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