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Astrella for ​
Portfolio Managers

Managing a portfolio of companies and your ownership stake is complicated and can be prone to error when using spreadsheets. Astrella was designed specifically with portfolio owners in mind. With one username and password you can easily toggle between your various portfolio companies and analyze ownership stake across your holdings.

Your Portfolio is in Good Hands

Portfolio owners juggle a lot of investments, a lot of financial knowledge, and a lot of responsibility. The tools they use should be accessible, accurate, and effective—a source of truth across all investments and all clients. With Astrella, a portfolio manager can count on automated workflows, sophisticated modeling, and analytics, and immutable audit trails as the source of truth. 

This can include any type of portfolio manager, including:

  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Angel Investors
  • Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture Studios
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Cap Table Management with Exit and Round Modeling

Work with a platform that allows you to easily model various exit outcomes or the impact on future investment. 

Meet Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Working with startups and funding rounds? We’ve got you covered with our 409A valuation tools. Supporting investments from public companies into other companies? Trust our immutable audit trail ledger and compliant reporting technologies. Need to offload important insight gathering to focus on decision making? Our predictive analytics and modeling tools have you covered. 

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Plans to Fit All Stages of Business.

Astrella provides pricing tiers that can fit small and large portfolio sizes for all industries as well as flexibility for portfolios that increase or decrease frequently. 

We provide flexibility to allow your portfolio companies to cover the cost or have the portfolio owner cover the cost for all of your holdings.