AST PCS President Carine Schneider Announces Publication Of New Book That Promotes Private Market Access To Qualified Investors

Carine Schneider, an esteemed leader within the start-up community, will release “The Democratization of The Private Market” on November 8th

MENLO PARK, Calif., Nov2, 2021 – Carine M. SchneiderFGE, President of AST Private Company Solutions, Inc. in Menlo Park, Californiatoday announces November 8th as the publication date for her book “The Democratization of The Private Market.” The book provides expert insight into the opportunities and limitations for a broader global private market. 

Based on in-depth research and years of professional private market expertise, Schneider reviews the regulatory, technical, and societal challenges to open this asset class to more investors. The book delves into the complicated structure of the sector while providing recommendations on how to create a robust and secure market from interviews with industry leaders.

“Investors worldwide see the potential of the private market as it drives economic growth and innovation,” said Schneider. “‘The Democratization of The Private Market’ allows investors and regulators to understand how to safely open the untapped opportunities of the sector and how to make it easier for more investors to participate.

According to Schneider, who is also the developer of Astrella, the private company platform for managing shareholder data and more, there has been no simple solution for investors to transact shares in a private company. “As the use of immutable audit trails, decentralized financial solutions and digital securities grow, so does access to these investments,” said Schneider. “Regulators are challenged to protect investors who want to participate in this market. The book will guide them on practical changes.

To support the book release, there will be a launch event, CAPtivate 2021, in San Francisco on November 10th sponsored by Astrella, AST and other organizations. CAPtivate 2021, the first major event in the private market community since the start of the pandemic, will reconnect the community with industry leaders to discuss private market trends.

About AST Private Company Solutions, Inc.: Founded in 2019, AST PCS is an AST affiliate serving private companies worldwide. Carine Schneider is an award-winning private equity leader and is President of AST PCS.

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