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Common Startup Terms

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There are currently 14 names in this directory beginning with the letter A.
A program providing mentorship, resources, and funding in exchange for equity, designed to fast-track your startup's growth.

Accredited Investor
An individual meeting specific financial criteria, eligible to invest in your startup.

An acquisition primarily for acquiring skilled talent rather than products or services.

The process of one company buying another, leading to a change in ownership.

An experienced individual offering guidance and expertise to help navigate startup challenges.

A flexible project management approach that encourages adaptability and collaboration.

The initial version of your product for internal testing and refinement.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
A cloud computing platform by Amazon, commonly used for hosting startup services.

Angel Group
A collective of angel investors pooling resources to invest in startups.

Angel Investor
An individual providing personal funds to startups in exchange for equity.

Angel Round
The first funding round from individual investors.

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
Predictable and recurring revenue from subscriptions or contracts annually.

Articles of Incorporation
Legal documents defining your startup's existence and structure.

Authorized Shares
The maximum number of shares your startup can issue, as outlined in corporate documents.