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Common Startup Terms

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CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)
The cost incurred to acquire a new customer.

Cap Table (Capitalization Table)
A record of your startup's equity ownership and distribution among investors.

Cash Flow Positive
When your startup generates more cash than it spends.

Cash Flow Statement
A financial statement reflecting changes in cash and equivalents due to balance sheet account adjustments.

A startup blending technology and human elements.

The gap between early adopters and the mass market in product adoption.

Churn Rate
The percentage of customers who stop using a product within a specific period.

A point in time when vesting for equity options begins.

The process of introducing your product or service to the market.

Common Stock
The basic ownership form held by founders and employees.

Convertible Note
Short-term debt that converts into equity in a future financing round.

Convertible Preferred Stock
Preferred stock that can be converted into common stock.

Corporate Round
A funding round led by a corporate investor.

Corporate Venture Capital
Investments by established companies into startups.

Cottage Industry
A small-scale, decentralized business.

Raising funds from a large number of people through online platforms.

Investment model where many investors contribute small amounts of capital.

Outsourcing tasks to a large group of people or community.

Customer Development Model
A methodology for discovering and validating market opportunities.