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Common Startup Terms

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Deal Flow
The rate at which investment opportunities come to a venture capitalist.

Deal Lead
The investor leading a funding round.

Deal Memo
A document summarizing the key terms of a deal.

Debt Financing
Raising capital by taking on debt, often through loans.

A startup with a valuation exceeding $10 billion.

A presentation, often a pitch deck, conveying key startup information.

Demo Day
An event where startups present their products to potential investors.

Diluted Founders
Founders whose ownership stake is reduced due to the issuance of new shares.

Reduction in ownership percentage due to the issuance of new shares.

Discounted Convertible Note
A convertible note issued at a discount to the next funding round's valuation.

A process where a new entrant transforms an industry.

Disruptive Technology
Innovations significantly altering markets and industries.

The practice of a company using its own products or services.

Down Round
A funding round with a valuation lower than the previous round.

Drag-Along Rights
Rights allowing majority shareholders to force minority shareholders to join in the sale of a company.

An investor with a substantial positive impact on a startup.

Due Diligence
The investigation or research conducted before entering into an agreement or investment.