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Common Startup Terms

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There are currently 25 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
SaaS (Software as a Service)
A software distribution model providing access to software over the internet.

A Simple Agreement for Future Equity, a type of convertible security.

The ability of your startup to grow without proportional increases in resources.

The process of expanding your startup's operations.

An individual who identifies and refers potential investment opportunities to a venture capital firm.

A framework for Agile project management emphasizing iterative and incremental development.

SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
The U.S. government agency overseeing securities and financial markets.

Secondary Market
A marketplace for buying and selling existing shares of privately held companies.

Seed Funding
The initial capital raised to support your startup in the early stages.

Serial Entrepreneur
An individual who starts and leads multiple successful startup ventures.

Series A
The first significant round of funding for your startup.

Series A Crunch
A potential bottleneck faced by startups seeking Series A funding, where the supply of early-stage capital falls short of the demand from companies transitioning from seed funding to more substantial investments.

Series B
The second round of funding for startups, typically aimed at scaling operations and expanding market presence after proving the viability of their business model in the Series A stage.

Series C
The third round of funding, often directed towards achieving market dominance, global expansion, or preparing for an initial public offering (IPO).

Shareholders' Agreement
A legally binding contract defining the rights and obligations of shareholders, addressing issues such as decision-making, ownership percentages, and exit strategies.

Smart Money
Investors who not only provide capital but also bring strategic value, industry expertise, and connections to help the startup grow.

Social Proof
Endorsements or support from reputable individuals or organizations, validating the credibility and potential of a startup to attract further investment.

Social Venture
A startup with a primary goal of creating positive social or environmental impact alongside financial profitability.

Soft Landing
A controlled and strategic exit for a startup that allows for minimal negative consequences, often involving acquisition or merging with another company.

An entrepreneur who operates independently, handling all aspects of a business alone.

SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company)
A publicly traded company created for the purpose of acquiring or merging with another company, offering an alternative path to going public.

The combination of technologies, tools, and programming languages used in a startup's product development.

Stealth Mode
A state in which a startup operates in secrecy to protect its intellectual property and gain a competitive advantage before launching publicly.

Success Fee
A performance-based fee paid to service providers, often consultants or advisors, contingent upon achieving predefined success milestones.

Sweat Equity
Ownership stake in a company earned through the contribution of time, effort, or expertise instead of monetary investment.