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Common Startup Terms

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Target Market
The specific group of customers a startup aims to reach and serve with its products or services.

Technical Founder
The individual responsible for the technical aspects of a startup, typically possessing strong programming or engineering skills.

Term Sheet
A non-binding agreement outlining the key terms and conditions of an investment, serving as a basis for negotiation before drafting the final legal documents.

The X of Y
A format often used to describe a startup by highlighting its unique combination of attributes or characteristics.

Thought Leader
An individual or company recognized as an authority and influential in a particular industry or field.

Evidence of a startup's market success and growth, often measured by user adoption, revenue, or other key performance indicators.

Trough of Sorrow
A challenging phase in a startup's journey characterized by struggles, setbacks, and uncertainty.

Two Pizza Rule
A management principle stating that teams should be small enough that they can be fed with only two pizzas, emphasizing efficiency and effective communication.