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Common Startup Terms

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The process of confirming the feasibility and potential success of a business idea or product through market testing or user feedback.

Valley of Death
A critical stage in a startup's development where it faces a high risk of failure due to insufficient funding or challenges in scaling.

The estimated monetary worth of a startup, determined through various methods such as market analysis, financial metrics, and comparable company valuations.

Value Proposition
The unique value a product or service offers to customers, addressing their needs and differentiating it from competitors.

Venture Capital (VC)
Investment funds provided to startups and small businesses with high growth potential in exchange for equity.

The process by which founders and employees earn ownership of their shares over time, often to incentivize long-term commitment.

A founder with a clear and ambitious long-term vision for the company, driving innovation and strategic direction.

Vulture Capitalist
An investor who seeks distressed or struggling companies to invest in, aiming for high returns through restructuring or liquidation.