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Private companies worldwide are looking for new solutions to facilitate automation, liquidity and to increase accuracy and productivity when managing their ownership.  Astrella, by Equiniti,  which is owned by leading ownership data management leader AST, has the right solution for your company today.  With an open platform, alliance network approach, Astrella strategically differentiates itself from other single-point equity management solutions and is fundamentally different from services that are aligned with a single financial institution or a close-end platform.

Astrella provides real time management of private shareholder ownership data through a blockchain-enabled platform that delivers automated resources for tracking ownership and performance in real-time. Astrella also delivers a range of related advisory and product services through a 3rd party alliance network of best-in-class providers to facilitate all private stock ownership management needs.

More Key Features:

  • Intuitive cap table data with “at your fingertips” waterfall/exit scenario reporting tools.
  • Security and Compliance:  Astrella incorporates 50+ years of experience working with industry standard reporting and regulations.
  • Astrella is the first player in the market to leverage the latest innovation with a blockchain–technology to provide a comprehensive, immutable ledger of every transaction, providing full transparency and control  of your equity ownership.
  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Astrella streamlines administrative processes, saving you time and money.
  • Designed and developed for the global marketplace and to support both small and large companies, Astrella can support different kinds of companies in various currencies.


Astrella offers an open network with established alliances, allowing customers to define and implement the suite of services that best complement their business and enhance the investor experience.

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Intuitive SaaS platform, utilizing private blockchain technology and AI Integrated partner network and extensive use of API’s to facilitate data ownership addressing the private company ecosystem.


Secure and private share ownership solution built by Equiniti – the industry leader for the past 50 years in the ownership data analytics sector supporting private companies worldwide.

By utilizing our AI powered conversion technology, Astrella supports easy conversion from other platforms or from spreadsheets.


With automated transition from private to public company Transfer Agent and Stock Plan Administration services, escrow and custodian services from a registered SEC Transfer Agent, Astrella combines the DNA of a regulated firm with deep roots with the nimbleness of a start-up. Astrella supports individual companies as well as portfolio owners such as private equity firms and venture capital firms who wish to easily access across their ownership.