by Sean Griffin

CEO, Disaster Technologies, Inc

“Astrella gives our board and investors the assurance that we as a company are not only using modern technology to manage our stock plan but also ensure we’re in compliance. It puts us head and shoulders above our competitors. The checks and balance and customer commitment is second to none.  It is both time-consuming and expensive to engage lawyers to manage our cap table regularly. And without internal management, that’s what we would have to do to stay compliant with reporting and tax laws. We want to do everything aboveboard, legally, while staying agile.  They’ve been quality control for us on top of consulting. There was an instance where I issued a stock option to an employee, completed everything, and uploaded it to Astrella. The professional services team caught an important error that would have cost my employee, and we were able to fix the issue immediately. “

by Rebecca Tierney

CEO, Ada-Marie

“Having practiced at an international law firm for a decade before becoming a first-time founder, I was looking for a company to help manage my cap table but also help me with the intangible help a new founder needs. I’m so pleased with the team at Astrella and how they are always available and helpful with any questions I ask. I recommend them to any new founder just starting out.”

by Aviv Yamin

ironSource Ltd.

“It has been several months since our deal, and I didn’t manage to write down a thank you note properly which is very important and deserved. For several weeks before the deal, you worked very hard to give us an excellent answer to our various requests in an excellent way. The work was under massive time pressure that required you to work non-hourly hours, and we very appreciate it. In the end, the response we received was excellent, and everything went exceptionally well.”

by Alex Ovchar

Pacific Equity Partners

“We believe Astrella provides a bullet-proof, highly secure way of managing sensitive ownership data across a range of portfolio companies, while providing the ability to run real-time exit modeling and simulation analysis across the portfolio, all of which are of critical importance to a private equity firm like ours.”

by Tim French

Seubert, French, Frimel & Warner LLP

“I have been using Astrella to manage the cap tables for multiple clients. In some cases, my clients have complex convertible notes and cap tables as well as employee stock plans that require a deep understanding of how angel investors, incubators and VCs make investments. Astrella allows me to capture the data correctly, easily provide reporting for board meetings and ensure my clients have their house in order in anticipation of a likely future exit.”

by Gary Douglas Kohn

Luxury Travel Hackers

“As a new user of Astrella and founder of a fast-growing company, I have been so impressed with the team and the technology. The system is intuitive and easy to use for a non-financial/legal person. More importantly, I have utilized the Astrella partner ecosystem to meet investors and service providers that have already had a major impact on my company.”

by Brenda Collins

Corporate Secretary, CharliAI Inc.

“I have managed the ownership records for a number of Canadian start-up companies and have always been challenged to ensure the system accurately reflected the ownership structure. Since becoming an Astrella client, I have been impressed with the intuitive nature of the system and the excellent client support. Most importantly, my investors can see their holdings and executed documents on their mobile app which has significantly reduced their questions and their calls.”