Astrella® Joins forces with Insperity to offer HR services to Customers

Menlo Park, CA—July 20, 2021— AST Private Company Solutions, Inc. (AST PCS) announced a strategic partnership with Insperity, trusted human resources and business solution provider.   Clients of Astrella® capitalization (cap) table and ownership data management platform will have access an array of HR solutions for their employees including Traditional Payroll and Human Capital Management, Time and Attendance, Performance Management, Organizational Planning, Recruiting Services, Employment Screening, Expense Management, Retirement Services and Insurance Services. Insperity delivers administrative relief, better benefits, reduced liabilities and a systematic way to improve productivity through its premier Workforce Optimization® solution.

Astrella was developed by Equiniti PCS, the Silicon Valley-based affiliate of ownership data management leader AST, using transformative technology to build a new cloud-based software-as-a service (SaaS) platform. The solution brings together immutable audit trails, artificial intelligence (AI) and extensive modeling tools in an intuitive environment. Astrella clients can benefit from Insperity’s array of HR, payroll and benefit services. Insperity business performance solutions currently support more than 100,000 businesses with over 2 million employees. Astrella supports high growth private company clients around the U.S. and in 8 countries.

“In these challenging times, companies need more than a solution, they need a partner. Insperity has been a tried-and-true solution for our members and the companies that we serve since 1986. It is the right solution for private companies who are fast growing and changing every day,” says Insperity CEO Paul Sarvadi. “Insperity will take on the time-consuming HR tasks so management of private companies can focus on what they do best – grow their company.”

AST PCS President Carine Schneider adds, “AST is extremely proud to join with Insperity, a trusted advisor to businesses across the country for over three decades. Their reputation and the trust they’ve built supporting companies with their most valued asset, their human capital, made them a natural fit as a partner. In addition to the HR benefits that Insperity provides its customers, our partnership allows Astrella clients to take advantage of special pricing.”

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Insperity supports more than 100,000 businesses with over 2 million employees and operates in 57 offices across the United States. Find your HR support at

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About AST Private Company Solutions, Inc.

AST PCS is an affiliate of AST and is focused on serving private companies worldwide. Astrella, a cloud-based SaaS solution, allows private companies to manage their ownership data, including the cap table and employee equity plans, and to connect directly with related service providers to support efficient workflow and provide access to investors, advisors and employees. For more information, visit

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