Astrella® Partner Ecosystem: Marketplace for Customers and Partners

Author: Paul Arens, Head of Business Development and Partnerships

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” — Henry Ford

From the early stages of creating Astrella, our goal has been “do what you do the best.” We began by building Astrella’s cap table management software with people who have in-depth industry experience. We knew we would be the best in developing a product for employee ownership and cap table management. The question was: Could we layer in services for valuations, transactions, and other owner management services? If we could, would it be compliant? We pretty quickly realized the answer was no.

To solve those issues, we built the Astrella Partner Network with a wheel of services. We sought out world-class companies to assist our clients with the best services in their field. Our alliances can assist every company, from a startup to pre-IPO, with services like valuations, HR/Tax/Legal services, and investment banking to liquidity programs and lending for employees. We look at it as a marketplace where each customer can stroll around and choose between our alliance companies for the services they need. No obligations, only benefits. And of course, Astrella can be your personal shopper and introduce you to the right alliance to meet your specific needs.

Our rich alliance network enables Astrella to employ various technologies to create better solutions and services for customers and scale their business that one would never be able to achieve in isolation. We have seen alliances already adding value by starting projects together, outside Astrella. A perfect example of community building where each stakeholder of this business, a alliance, or a customer can benefit.

Creating a community of alliances doesn’t stop with an agreement or merely posting their logo on our website. We believe in strategic allianceships and work on many joint marketing activities we can implement together with our alliances to bring greater awareness to the relationship between our brand. Each quarter we hold a alliance day where we learn from each other, encourage interaction, and get feedback. Starting this month, we highlight a “alliance of the month” to share more about the work they do and the value they bring to Astrella customers.

Join our community, build relationships, or use the services of our alliance ecosystem. If you’d like to learn more about allianceing with Astrella, send an email to Paul, and let’s talk!

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