Pay Comparison Reporting Functionality Added to Astrella

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Ownership Tracking SaaS System Astrella introduces Pay Comparison Report to support pay inequity analysis

Menlo Park, CA—August 11, 2020 – AST Private Company Solutions™ (PCS) today announced a new system feature in Astrella to allow private companies to manage and track stock plan awards made to their employees and compare award levels based on gender, ethnicity and salary grade. Companies willing to store this information will be able to run a report to view their employees and compare award amounts based on gender as well as ethnicity and compare the amount against salary grade or job title as well as time since hire date.

More and more companies see the value of ensuring that pay is based on merit rather than demographics, but few have the time or tools to undertake the analysis. With the new Astrella Pay Comparison report, users will find the data needed to compare grant levels across many demographics and quickly identify where inequity might be present. Astrella is launching this new report in conjunction with its sponsorship of the non-profit organization, PWBC (Professional Businesswomen of California), at their Conference to be held virtually on August 11 – 13, 2020.  Founded by Congresswoman Jackie Speire, PBWS provides skill development, networking opportunities, and inspiration to women at all levels to achieve their ambitions and collectively advance equality in professional settings.

Tim French, Partner at Seubert French Frimel & Warner LLP and advisor to many high growth start-ups states, “I’m excited to see Astrella providing tools to private companies that allow them to easily analyze if they are granting equity-based awards equally across demographics. By ensuring internal consistency,  allowing women and persons of color to compensation with equity grants on par with white and/or male colleagues performing the same work, in similar positions and tenures, we can begin to chip away at the pay inequity prevalent in the start-up world.”

Adds Carine Schneider, President of AST Private Company Solutions, “The goal of Astrella is to not only provide a secure and sophisticated tool to track ownership but also to ensure our clients are alerted as to what their data is “saying.” Our Pay Comparison Report provides those companies who wish to track the data and perform the analysis the first step towards ensuring all employees are rewarded equitably.”

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