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The Big Guide to Pitching Investors

Raising capital is an essential part of building any successful startup. In order to make the journey from idea to product, having access to sufficient funds is critical. But with the current competitive market for investments, it can be daunting for entrepreneurs and startups to secure the funding they need. This guide aims to give…

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What is an Option Pool?

When a company is looking to attract and retain top talent, one of the tools that can be used is an option pool. An option pool is a type of compensation offering employees options in stocks or other equity-like instruments. This practice has grown increasingly popular, as it can reward both the employer and employee…

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Can I Exercise Stock Options Early (and Should I)?

Exercising stock options early can be a great way to maximize your return on investment, but it isn’t always the right decision. In this article, we will discuss the potential benefits and risks of exercising stock options early and guide alternative strategies when early exercise is unavailable. You will better understand the tax implications and…

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How Does Cliff Vesting Work?

Cliff vesting has become an increasingly popular way of providing employee benefits to those willing to commit to a company for a set amount of time. This type of vesting can be used for retirement plans, stock options, and other types of benefits that require employees to remain with the company for a specific period…

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What Are Capital Gains and How Should You Navigate Them?

Capital gains are essential to investing, and understanding how to use them to your advantage is key to successful financial planning. In this article, we’ll discuss capital gains, how to calculate them, strategies to reduce liability, and how capital gains can be used in retirement planning and real estate investments. We will also look at…

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Issuing Advisory Shares: Strategic Equity for Your Business

Are you considering offering advisory shares as part of your company’s equity structure? Advisory shares are a unique type of equity that allows businesses to grant a form of non-voting stock to advisors or consultants, providing them with the incentive of equity ownership without giving away control. This guide will explore the nature of advisory…

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Issuing Stock Options

When rewarding key personnel, stock options have become increasingly popular. Not only are stock options a great way to incentivize and retain employees, but they can also give the company additional capital resources should they decide to exercise the option. However, companies make some common mistakes when issuing stock options. In this article, we’ll discuss…

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What Is an Employee Stock Plan and How Do I Onboard Employees?

Employee stock plans are a great way for organizations to reward and retain top talent while giving employees a sense of ownership. These plans provide many benefits, such as helping attract new hires, motivating current employees, and offering potential tax savings. But before offering an employee stock plan, you need to understand all the legal…

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5 Must-Haves in Cap Table Management Software

Raising capital for a company can be an tough task. Once the money is raised, managing the cap table can become complex and time-consuming. This is where cap table management software comes in: it simplifies tracking investments, shareholders, and their respective rights. This blog post will provide an overview of what to look for when…

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