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The Women’s Venture Capital Summit

Carine Schneider was invited to speak at the Women’s Venture Capital Summit.  It was a dynamic, two-day conference designed to forge valuable relationships between senior-level women in venture capital.

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From Founding to Funding: Mapping 4 Key Trail Markers 

As a private company, much of your financial journey revolves around investors and funding. This world can be difficult to navigate; just because you have a great idea and are an expert in your field doesn’t mean you are prepared for the ins and outs of securing funding. With the right tools, you can see…

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Taking Your Employees to the Top

Managing employee stock programs can be a major challenge for early-stage companies. As a founder, you have a lot on your plate, and maintaining a stock program can take up more hours in the day than you are willing—or able—to sacrifice. But with the right platform, an employee equity program doesn’t need to be prohibitively…

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Is a Cap Table Confidential?

Often when people ask us about the confidentiality of a cap table they’re curious if there is a legal requirement to make their cap tables public. The answer to this question is no. In fact, most companies choose to keep their cap tables private and confidential.  Even so, there are several parties within a company…

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Don’t lose your grip: Avoid complexity and Excel cap table management

Using digital spreadsheets for your cap table adds layers of work to managing your financial data. One false keystroke can misrepresent real data, there can be multiple versions of the same spreadsheet on various devices, and it can be difficult to find the one source of truth that has correctly preserved your company’s equity information. …

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What Do Investors Look For in a Cap Table?

As an investor, you want to know what you’re getting yourself into. The best place to start is with the prospective company’s cap table.  A cap table is essentially a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet offers investors a quick glance into which shareholders own what, how much, and the best place for you to jump in. That…

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Does an LLC Need a Cap Table?

Limited liability companies (LLCs) are unique business entities that protect owners’ personal assets in the event that the business faces legal issues. Having a solid cap table management software helps keep LLCs in good financial order, regardless of the size to which it grows. LLCs may begin with one or two employees and grow into…

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