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Expert to Exit

Building Your Inner Circle You’ve built an amazing company, and now it’s time to get to work helping it grow. In addition to optimizing processes and creating new marketing plans, this is a good point at which to consider your inner circle and how they impact the success of your business. This may contain anyone…

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RSA vs RSU: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to employee equity compensation, there are two main types of options that companies can consider: restricted stock awards (RSA) and restricted stock units (RSU). Both have benefits and drawbacks that should be considered when making a decision.  We have compiled an informative comparison of both stock options, as well as the best…

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Profit Interest Units: What Every Business Owner Should Know

If you own a small business and need to make profits, you may resort to cutting down employee compensation. But you’ll need an alternative means to boost employee satisfaction, and profit interest units can provide a better solution. Profit interest is a form of equity compensation awarded to individuals for their services in an organization…

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What is a Stock Option Grant Agreement?

A stock option is the most prevalent form of equity compensation for startups. Executive remuneration used to include cash in the form of salary increases and bonuses. However, thanks to stock option plans, employees can now benefit from the company’s success without costing them any of their hard-earned cash. Employees must sign the Stock Option…

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Up Your Investment Game as a Qualified Purchaser

The 1929 Wall Street stock market crash led to the Great Depression, which lasted for ten years in the United States. Many investors and banks went bankrupt due to the rapid and severe aftermath of the crash. In response to the impact, the federal government adopted several policies, including the Securities Act of 1933 and…

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LLC vs. C-Corp: Biggest Differences and Which to Choose

Most entrepreneurs looking to start a cap table operate their businesses as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation. However, according to Internal Revenue Service statistics, LLC filings, compared to C-Corp, are growing at a much higher rate of approximately 4.2% annually. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how LLC and C-Corp are distinct…

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Venture Capital vs. Private Equity: What’s The Difference

When looking for outside financial backing for your business, venture capital and private equity would be your two choices that seem similar yet have significant differences. Their similar concept, which may make you consider them as one, refers to a firm that invests in private companies in exchange for ownership. Both are financial backings a…

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The Women’s Venture Capital Summit

Carine Schneider was invited to speak at the Women’s Venture Capital Summit.  It was a dynamic, two-day conference designed to forge valuable relationships between senior-level women in venture capital.

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