AST Private Company Solutions Finalizes Partnership and building Integration with EquityZen

Menlo Park, CA—June 11, 2020— AST Private Company Solutions (AST PCS) today has announced a new strategic partnership with EquityZen, a leading pre-IPO secondary platform.   Users of PCS’s recently launched Astrella™ by Equiniti capitalization (cap) table and ownership data management platform will have access to an integration to seamlessly process company approved secondary transactions.

Astrella was developed by Equiniti PCS, the Silicon Valley-based affiliate of ownership data management leader AST, using transformative technology to build a new cloud-based software-as-a service (SaaS) platform. The solution brings together immutable audit trails, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. Astrella is built with an API ecosystem to allow seamless integration with leading providers like EquityZen, whose secondary platform addresses an important liquidity need faced by private companies and their shareholders and employees.

“AST has been a leader in providing tech-enabled tools to companies and their stakeholders for decades and EquityZen is proud to partner with AST PCS to provide liquidity solutions to private companies and their shareholders,” says EquityZen’s CEO, Atish Davda.  “Since 2013, EquityZen has worked with over 200 late-stage private companies and their shareholders on company approved secondary transactions.  We look forward to working with AST to make this process simpler and more streamlined for all market participants.”

AST PCS President Carine Schneider adds, “AST is thrilled to partner with EquityZen, a true leader in the private company secondary space.  The reputation and trust they’ve built with private companies along with the strength of their technology platform made them a natural fit as a partner.  As companies stay private longer than ever, the liquidity needs of shareholders has become even more prevalent.  We look forward to serving these shareholders in an efficient and seamless manner.”

About EquityZen

EquityZen Inc. is a rapidly growing marketplace for investing in late-stage private technology companies. EquityZen provides accredited investors, wealth advisors, and institutional money managers access to private markets through actively managed funds and single-company offerings.  Equity securities are offered through EquityZen Securities, a broker/dealer registered with the Securities Exchange Commission and a FINRA/SIPC member firm.

With over 11,000 private placements completed and 200+ private companies served, EquityZen is building private markets for the public. EquityZen is backed by leading Wall Street and Silicon Valley firms, including Draper Associates and WorldQuant Ventures.

About AST Private Company Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 2019, AST PCS is an affiliate of AST and is focused on serving private companies worldwide. Astrella, a cloud-based SaaS solution, allows private companies to manage their ownership data, including the cap table and employee equity plans, and to connect directly with related service providers to support efficient workflow and provide access to investors, advisors and employees. For more information, visit


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