RoseRyan brings finance and accounting services to Astrella private market customers

 Menlo Park, CA—July 23, 2020— AST Private Company Solutions™ (AST PCS) today introduced a new strategic partnership with RoseRyan, a Silicon Valley-based firm that delivers specialized finance and accounting solutions at every stage of a private company’s growth. Celebrating 27 years of business, RoseRyan is one of the most respected finance and accounting consulting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Companies using Astrella™ capitalization (cap) table and ownership data management platform will now be able to work with RoseRyan’s specialized finance and accounting professionals exactly when and where it’s needed. RoseRyan associates will use Astrella to support private companies who require ownership tracking and exit modeling and integrate the data into their client company’s financial reporting.

AST PCS, the Silicon Valley-based unit of ownership data management leader AST, recently launched Astrella as a transformative technology in private company shareholder management. The new cloud-based software-as-a-service platform brings together private immutable audit trails, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics, and was built with an API-based ecosystem to quickly integrate with innovative providers in the private markets, such as RoseRyan.

The agreement is the latest among a group of partners that AST PCS has recently announced, including 409A valuation leaders Derivatas and Economics Partners, digital documentation and storage giant Box, private company lender Liquid Stock and private security transactions provider EquityZen. These strategic relationships deliver on a diverse array of private shareholder requirements, with common objectives including rapid data access and availability, efficient reporting workflow for private company ownership, and the best possible end-to-end user experience.

RoseRyan started in 1993 helping private companies organize their financial strategy in every stage of their lifecycle”, says Dave Roberson, Chief Executive Officer of RoseRyan.  “During every critical phase of the company, and even during economic turmoil as we are now are experiencing, companies depend on RoseRyan to provide the right level of financial expertise and support. Working with the leadership team of Astrella and their other partners, we find the same collaborative fit as we promote in our culture at RoseRyan.”

Adds AST PCS president Carine Schneider, “Private companies are sometimes so focused on building market-leading products and services that they forget how important it is to ensure their internal books and records are kept in a manner that is audit-ready. Managing cap table and equity compensation data on a secure system that was built by a team with a background working closely with auditors is an important component to ensure financial professionals can rely on the information in the system. Developing our partnership with the experienced team at RoseRyan confirms the importance they place in a system that was built for financial professionals and we look forward to servicing our joint clients together.”

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Award-winning RoseRyan’s tailored advisory expertise out of Silicon Valley helps solve evolving companies’ finance and accounting challenges so they can take their business to the next level. Our deeply experienced and innovative consulting professionals integrate seamlessly with your team to bridge the gaps and unlock the potential in your organization. We offer outsourced customized, on-demand and full-stack solutions, services and scalable support at every stage of a company’s life cycle, no matter the size. More than 850 clients—from startups to Fortune 500 companies across a range of sectors, including tech and life sciences, eCommerce, mobile, social media and more—have relied on RoseRyan’s expert advice since 1993. Our trusted guidance allows you to focus on being great at what you do. Learn more at

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