Female Disruptors: Carine Schneider of AST Private Company Solutions On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

Astrella President Carine Schneider, FGE is known for shaking things up (in all the best ways!) She recently sat down with Authority Magazine as part of their new series focused on Female Disruptors.

“Currently, I am focused on finding ways to expand the private market for investors. My focus over the next few years will be to support founders in different parts of the world who are coming up with ideas who should be using our product to manage their ownership. We really want companies to track their ownership from day one. I recently spoke with an experienced serial entrepreneur who told me that she and her alliance started a company, they knew they should put everything into a cap table but did not. They ended up having a disagreement, separated and now she does not have any equity in the company. My goal is to make sure founders protect themselves anywhere in the world. I call it the democratization of the private market and that is where I am focused.”

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